Hoffmann’s Lures is owned and created by Brent Hoffmann. Brent is 21 years old with a passion for creating lures, painting and fishing. Brent has been an avid angler and outdoor enthusiast since he was little. Brent first learned to fish with the help of his grandparents at their beautiful lake house in northern Wisconsin with incredible bass, pike and crappie fishing, this is where it all started. Soon after growing up he then became a serious angler learning the best colors and techniques for his fishing. He has a unique drive that most people don’t have to get what he wants; he spent years and many hours mastering the art of lure painting.

Brent has become an expert lure painter with over 8 years of professionally painting lures. Brent has learned the best techniques and ways to paint the lures you need. Making only the best quality bass, pike, musky and walleye lures that catch fish. All of Hoffmann’s Lures have the highest quality paint, a tough and incredible UV protective finish, 3-D eyes, high quality split rings with the best hooks possible. Hoffmann’s Lures shows the best quality with not only the incredible patterns and lures but the fish you will catch on them.

If he’s not painting then you can almost always catch him out on the lake doing what he loves the most, tying on a Hoffmann’s Lure on and seeing which fish strikes first. Hoffmann’s Lures stands by their products and believes in the lures they create.

“I expect my lures to perform the best and be perfect and so can you; I paint each lure individually paying attention to detail and quality. I believe in my lures fully which means you can too. Now go tie on a Hoffmann’s Lure and hold on tight”

Brent Hoffmann
Hoffmann’s Lures