Custom Painted Lures in the Hoffmann’s Lures 110 Jerk Baits

Check out some of the recent custom painted lures in the Hoffmann's Lures 110 jerk baits, heading out and making the bass strike.

If you would like custom painted lures to your preference in any of the lure types of Hoffmann's Lures offers, contact them now .

Their is eight custom colors consisting of the following:

- Mool Shad

- Foxy Shad

- Green Back

- Light Baby Blue Gill

- Copper Splatter Back

- Purple Back Tennessee Shad

- Smokey Shad

- Pearls

 IMG_7348 IMG_7353 IMG_7385 IMG_7358 IMG_7379 IMG_7359 IMG_7373 IMG_7368