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Hoffmann’s Lures Used By Milwood Lake Guide Service

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Hoffmann's Lure is proudly used and fished daily through Milwood Lake Guide Service, located in Texarkana, Arkansas.Reasonable rates quoted. From beginners to seasoned veterans. Millwood Lake is approximately 35,000 acres w/13 gate dam and 12 parks operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Millwood State Park operated by the Arkansas Dept of Parks and Tourism. Fed by 3 rivers, it is a bass haven. Cypress trees, laydowns, stumps, hydrilla, coontail moss , deertounge grass, eel grass, Lilly pads, and standing timber fill this lake to the brim with bait fish and huge bass. Lake record Largemouth bass is over 14.5 pounds, with numerous others taken in the 10-13 pound class very
recently. The next Arkansas state record Largemouth likely swims in Millwood and owner Mike Siefert will most likely be the best person leading you to it using a Hoffmann's Lures.
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Top Water Small Mouth Bass Video on Hoffmann’s Lures Plankton


- Ryan Wieland

Throwing topwater is my favorite way to catch big Northern Wisconsin (Oneida County on this trip) Smallmouth Bass! My go-to is a Hoffmann's Lures Plankton (Silver Shad is my favorite color) fished on a 13 Fishing Omen Black w/ a Concept A reel in 6.6:1 gear ratio

I prefer 14 LB Monofilament when fishing topwater for Smallmouth (vs. braid for largemouth) for slightly more stretch in the line on the hookset. They don't normally inhale the bait like a largemouth does due to their smaller mouth. More stretch in the line helps avoid pulling the bait away and increases my hook-up percentage.

Quick Tip: The only tweak I make to my Hoffmann's Lures Plankton's is putting a Feather Hook on the back in a Red / White combo. Smallmouth seem to love this!

Custom Painted HD Perch Series

          Looking For A High Detail Perch Pattern? Check Out The Perch Series And Get Your Custom Painted Lures Today. HD Perch 110 Jerk Bait   HD Perch 95 Jerk Bait HD Perch 2.5 Crank Bait HD Perch 1.5 Crank Bait  
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Custom Lures

Check Out All The Latest Custom Lures Finished Up And Ready to Hit the Water. Make Sure To Get Your Custom Lures Today!!! Hot Gills 95 Jerk Bait Aqua Crappie 95 Jerk Bait Small Mouth Bass 2.5 Crank Bait Aqua Crappie 1.5 Medium Crank Bait Killer 1.5 Medium Crank Bait Small Mouth Bass 1.5 Medium…
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Hoffmann’s Lures – Custom Painted Lures

Hoffmann's Lures are all hand painted/custom painted lures that start as a simple lure body and are made into an incredible custom painted lure that at the end are ready to catch fish. All of Hoffmann's Lures have only the best quality products put into them along with high quality impact lure bodies. Each lure…
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Custom Painted Lures in the Hoffmann’s Lures 110 Jerk Baits

Check out some of the recent custom painted lures in the Hoffmann's Lures 110 jerk baits, heading out and making the bass strike. If you would like custom painted lures to your preference in any of the lure types of Hoffmann's Lures offers, contact them now . Their is eight custom colors consisting of the…
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Check Out The Awesome Tried and True Rednex Custom Jigs

Rednex Custom Jigs makes only the best quality jigs for an incredible price that everyone can afford. Rednex Custom Jigs are hand made to last and proven to perform. Rednex jigs are absolutely incredible and if you want some great made to last jigs that have been tried and proven to perform, along with incredible…
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Hoffmann’s Lures Dealers!!!

Hoffmann's Lures is proud to announce their current dealers below with all their info and where you can buy some of Hoffmann's Lures. Hoffmann's Lures continues to grow and is proud to have these dealers selling the incredible custom painted lures/hand painted lures that will work for you. Where to find Hoffmann's Lures: Fish Bone…
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Welcome to the Website for Hoffmann’s Lures!

Welcome to the website for Hoffmann's Lures. Hoffmann's Lures are high-quality, hand-painted fishing lures created by Brent Hoffmann. This website was designed to showcase Brent's work and make these popular lures available for online purchase. You can browse through the online store and check out the variety of hand-painted lures available in multiple categories, including…
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